Curriculum Vitae





2019-                           Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Metals

                                    Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana


2013-2017                   Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

                                    University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia





2019                                        Recent Acquisitions (2019)

                                                David Owsley Museum of Art Summer Internship

                                                Mount Making, Art Handling, Art Storage. David Owsley Museum of Art, Muncie, IN


2018-2019                               Teaching Assistant: Intro to Metals, Casting, and New Technologies.

                                                Jessica Calderwood. Ball Sate University. Muncie, IN.






2020-2021                             Micro/MACRO 

                                                Invitational Show

                                                Traveling Midwestern Regional Group Exhibition. 10 University Galleries.


Upcoming                               6th Annual, 2020 World Championship Belt Buckle Competition

                                                Juried by Bob Ebbendorf and Brian Petersen

                                                Form and Concept. Santa Fe, NM


                                                2020 College Invitational

                                                Juried by Kyle Herrington

                                                Indianapolis Art Center. Indianapolis, IN


                                                Adorned Spaces 

                                                Group Exhibition

                                                SNAG Grit to Gold. Philadelphia, PA


                                               Exhibition in Motion 

                                               Juried Organizational Exhibition: Co Chairs Matt Lambert, Louise Perrone, and Celina Zisman

                                               SNAG Grit to Gold. Philadelphia, PA


                                               SNAG Juried Student Exhibition

                                              Juried by Leila Cartier and Lyndsay Ketterer Gates

                                              SNAG Grit to Gold. Philadelphia, PA


2020                                      The 19th Amendment at 100: Women's Voices Then and Now 

                                               Juried by Michelle Word, Amy Lazet, and Dr Clare Rogan

                                               Swords into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery, Detroit, MI


                                                Mesa 41st Annual Contemporary Crafts 

                                                Juried by Patty Haberman

                                                Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ


2019                                        Adorned Spaces 

                                                Group Exhibition

                                                SNAG The Loop: Coming Full Circle, Chicago, IL


                                               Uniques 2019

                                               SNAG Online Exhibition


                                                Narrative Patterns

                                                1st and 2nd Year MFA Group Exhibition

                                                Ned and Gloria Griner Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN


                                               1st and 2nd Year MFA Graduate Show

                                               Group Exhibition

                                               Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN





2018-2021                         Ball State Graduate Assistantship

                                          Ball State University, Muncie, IN


2018-2020                         Ball State Merit Scholarship

                                          Ball State University, Muncie, IN


2019                                  ASPIRE Travel Grant

                                          Ball State University, Muncie, IN


2018                                  Figurative Symposium Scholarship

                                          Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, TN


2014-2017                         Zell Miller Scholarship

                                          University of Georgia, Athens, GA





2019-2020                               Introductory Metals for Non-Majors*

                                                 Ball State University, Muncie, IN. Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

*Ball State University does not recognize graduate students as professors on record; however, all class content was my own.





Stone Setting

Sawing and Piercing

Forming and Raising

Chasing and Repousse



Powder Coating

Casting (lost wax, gravity, cuttlefish, vacuum)

Tool Maintenance and Refinishing

Studio Organization

Clay Hand Building and Wheel Throwing


Vacuum Forming 

Flashforge 3D Printing 

Laser Machining